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Hello! My name is Ben Fabozzi. I am on staff with Young Life serving Military Brats and families.Since 1980, this ministry to Military Teens and Families, is known as Club Beyond and would not be possible without faithful, supportive and generous people like you. Being an Army Brat myself and experiencing the impact of this ministry first hand during my middle school years while living at Ft. Benning Georgia, I know how impactful this ministry can be. And previously working on YL Staff in Columbus Ohio since 2012, I had the chance to see the challenges and obstacles that exist for full time staff people today. Both these experiences lead Leigh and I to being our role as “Future Operations Director” for Club Beyond. Here is a general overview of the role we are taking.. ● Resource Development and Fundraising efforts on national and global scale ● Staff Training ● Spiritual Encouragement for staff and leaders Your purchase of this delicious, world class coffee both supports some amazing ministry work in Nicaragua and Leigh and I’s role with Club Beyond. Thank you so much and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Ben Fabozzi
Young Life - Club Beyond