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Drink great coffee, support Young Life

A portion of every sale of 41&Change coffee goes to support YL areas and students all over the world, providing experiences that give them a sense of their incredible God-given worth.

Elevating your daily coffee routine

41&Change coffee is ranked among the top 3% of coffees internationally. And it's no accident. From the varietals we grow, to our farming practices and roasting techniques, we intentionally aim for peerless excellence.

68lbs of coffee a year

The average family drinks 68 lbs of coffee every year. If purchased from 41&Change, that would raise $547 for kids to go to Young Life camp. Giving back to Young Life, one cup at a time.

The 41&Change Story

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Will we change why you drink coffee?

Why not? Changing the lives of young people could fill your daily coffee ritual with extra meaning. Or, you may simply experience the best cup of coffee you've ever had and want to make it a regular occurrence. Either way, keeping the coffee coming is just a click away.